Monday, January 21, 2008

breathe yourself loose - Jan. 20th

something my yoga teacher said at my class tonight, and for a mere moment I imagined I was this. and that this was all there was to aim for - that all the beauty of the world awaits if we can relax into it. I like these little sparks of possibility I sometimes see, even though they are so brief. I like to think they stay in me somewhere, and make it more possible for me to expand upon - I think so. I had a hard weekend this weekend, the worst in a while. then tonight, at Ted's, with Maeve acting in her rejecting of me way that I find so painful, I had a remembering of an earlier insight that I have it within me to be fine already, that my descents into self-hatred and despair are habitual I guess - some flash that helped. Then I

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