Sunday, December 30, 2007

xmas so far

the best parts of christmas so far:
* drawing/colouring with Maeve for long periods - I love that she likes to do this.. I do too
* dancing at Ted's house after christmas carols on christmas eve
* gospel singing at Emmanuel Howard on christmas eve - I loved singing - so much
* hanging out with Christine and Kevin, esp. the first night at my place
* going to the McMichael Gallery with Maeve and friends, being with her only - I love hanging out with my kids one on one (not having the other one around).. also the McMichael is special

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dec. 12,07 .. some of the good things

* colouring with Noam just before bed
* Maeve's growly wrestling face in mine when we were wrestling - so cute
* carrying Maeve all the way to Ted's because she was tired with a cold (and knowing that I should)
* feeling grace enough to send an email back to my best friend when I feel hurt by her
* the feeling of proactively tackling some of the difficulties in our lives
* not getting freaked out by Ted getting freaked out by Noam being too scared to stay at school for lunch and talking about it in front of him

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dec. 10, 07

* writing in ISIS class today .. discovering (again) the rude-ish, wildish imp of a soul I have inside me.. wish I could be her every day
* hanging out with Ted's parents for dinner.. I always feel happier when there's an intergenerational family thing going on.. I feel more complete
* taking risks in ISIS class today .. to talk to people from where I really am and what I feel and wonder.. it does wonders for my sense of happiness and presence

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nov. 29, 07

I didn't write in here at the end of the day. but what i remember was that it was a pretty good day. Kathleen asked me to assist at her next movement workshop, and we shared a lot of common interests in somatic work. I think it will be helpful to work with her. oh, except in the morning, Noam had a melt-down about going to school - that was hard. saw a couple clients.

Nov. 30, 07

I decided to write all of what happens in here as a summary of the day. To write only the happy makes it feel lopsided. besides, I had a very hard day today. Noam's teacher said he's too timid to say much in class, won't even ask her how to do his work if he doesn't know, just sits there doing nothing. he walks around by himself at recess a lot, and often appears spaced out at circle time. he went from his last teacher (at a small school) strongly recommending that he be tested for the gifted class, to a lot of C's because the teacher can't tell what he knows. i feel sad for him. and panicked.
we had a nice party for Farah's birthday tonight.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov. 27, 07

* reading my "Expressive Body" book and reading about just the kind of work I want to do - work that is body aware, relational, and with movement
* getting the art stuff put away
* talking with Farah at the end of the day
* having Lily and Piper over after school playing with my kids - I like a full house sometimes (often) and like watching Piper and Maeve play imaginatively

Monday, November 26, 2007

Nov. 26, 07

* hanging out with the kids in the morning colouring
* talking about combining relational psychotherapy and expressive arts with Lee
* feeling energized after my ISIS class
* a client who has expressed very little emotionally began to open up tonight for the first time
* finding out I can get graduate credit towards a PhD in somatic psychology from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training I've done
* getting the book "Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy by Daria Halprin" today in the mail! I can't wait to read it - I have an unlimited interest in combining body-centered work and psychotherapy and I LOVE books - I kissed it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov. 25,07

* Aileen's cartwheels
* the spaciousness felt during yoga
* got some cleaning done
* giving Noam a massage
* chickpea curry

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nov. 24, 07: list of happy today

* talking about contact dance with shiatsu client: how easily the conversation flowed
* talking about growing through shiatsu with Andrea and feeling more connected to her
* writing a blog post about how my deepest need is to be fully available to love life and other people well, that that is what motivates me to grow
* Maeve meeting my eyes from the kitchen and saying she wants to be with me tonight, she misses me, and I feel connected to her (and Ted doesn't have reaction, he says I know you miss her)
* feeling clearly that art is what I want lots of in my life .. my new love